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If you want to own virtual currencies other than Bitcoin, we recommend Ethereum, Monacoin, Litecoin, etc., which is the most popular name after Bitcoin.
In order to invest in virtual currency, you have to buy Bitcoin, but for those who can not do that, I would recommend mining to get it.
If you want to buy Bitcoin to avoid failure, you should repeat the small amount of money several times while judging the situation, and increase the amount of money you own while pursuing virtual currency deeply. I think.
We recommend that you don’t deposit the cash that floats each month in a bank, but save it regularly on a virtual currency exchange. With this, even if the price goes up or down, you will not rush.
Virtual currency such as altcoin and bitcoin can continue to sell and buy safely because the mechanism called blockchain technology is in operation.

Although it is an investment, the merit of virtual currency is that it can start within the range of pocket money. With the brand Ethereum, you can invest 1,000 yen a month from your wallet.
ICO, which is a type of virtual currency, is a method of raising funds in the future, in which virtual currency is issued by itself to raise funds. I think that virtual currency is a very useful tool when requesting investment from various people.
It is impossible to buy virtual currency such as Altcoin and Bitcoin without risk. As the market price goes up and down, some people lose and some people can make a profit.
It is said that there are over 700 types of alt coins, but if you are a layman who buys it, of course there is a degree of penetration, so let’s select a stock that can be bought and sold without worry.
If you are interested in the hot topic of Bitcoin, just do your best to study. If you don’t buy it suddenly, but get basic knowledge first of all, you can’t talk about it.

If you are told to buy bitcoins in the position of a side business, I think it is a good idea to start from an amount that does not matter so much even if you lower the price contrary to your thoughts.
Ripple Coin is evaluated as a virtual currency invested by the world famous company Google. Other than that, unlike Bitcoin, we also know who started it.
It is true that many people feel that virtual currency has a lot of risks, but ICO, which is a type of virtual currency, is not absolutely safe. It is possible that there is a scam in which tokens are issued to collect funds and go missing.
Please keep in mind that it is a kind of virtual currency Ethereum that is bought and sold using the latest technology named “smart contract” that eliminates the weak point of Bitcoin.
Since TV commercials are also occasionally broadcasted, it is possible to declare that you can start purchasing virtual currencies from a small amount without worry if it is a coin check whose penetration level is increasing.

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